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UMBC Invitational June 10th 6am-3pm
You will sign up the morning of June 10th between 4am and 5:30am at Either Red Horse or 30 Bridge Outfitters.
$70 entry fee in cash (please have exact change).
No earlier entries will be taken.
You must return by boat to be scored at 30 Bridge Outfitters for the weigh-in.
You will be allowed to drop off your partner at Red Horse if you like to bring truck and trailer to weigh-in. [SCOREABLE FISH MUST COME BY BOAT, NO TRAILERING OF FISH]

30 Bridge Outfitters will be where the weigh-in and prizes will be awarded.
I emphasize this because of it is much different from past Invitationals.
5 fish limit.
Conservation rules apply.
Kentucky's of any length CAN count into your bag of 5 FISH.
All other must be at least 12 inches.
314-602-0895 for any questions. 
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